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Interview Assignment / Final Exam (100

Due 06/25 /16  electronic submissions accepted

You will interview an individual in one of the life span
developmental stages. You will develop a list of 8-10 questions that you want
to ask in the interview so you can write an analysis of the individual using
the material in the text and other resources as a reference to demonstrate where
this individual is in their development.( physically, social/emotionally, and
cognitively ). When you choose the individual you want to interview, you should
refer to the corresponding chapters that would discuss the physical, social and
cognitive changes that occur in each period of development. Design your
questions around the topics discussed in the chapters, so you can relate them
to the individual you will be interviewing. Your interview should be written in
paragraph form. On a separate page attached to the back of your paper you are
to provide a list of the questions you asked the interviewee. When using
supporting material from the text, remember to cite in APA format. In addition
your resources should be included in a citation page at the end of your paper.

Adolescence (ages 13-18)

Emerging Adulthood (ages 19-24)

Early Adulthood (ages 25-39)

Middle Adulthood (ages 40-64)

Late Adulthood (ages 65 and up)

You should keep the following points in mind when you
interview your subjects and compare their answers to information from your

What stage of development are they
experiencing? Biologically? Cognitively? Socio-economically?

What is this person’s view on the past?
The future?

How is this person being affected by:

Age-normative processes –
biological and environmental influences that are similar for individuals in a
particular age group

Normative History Graded
Influences – biological and environmental influences that are associated with history,
common to people of a particular generation.

Non-normative Life Events
– unusual circumstances that have a major impact on a person’s life. What makes
them unique?

NOTE;;;;;;;;This is the material we are Using ” Human Development”  A cultural Approach  by Jeffery Jensen Arnett. Chap 1-11