Interview a client


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For this part of the course project you are being asked to submit the introductory section of a social history. To complete this assignment you will need to interview a real person. The person you interview will become your “pretend client.”

Your best choice in selecting someone to interview is to find a person who is facing current life struggles. The person you interview must be willing providing information. Protect your pretend-client’s confidentiality. Use the attached Word document as your guideline as to what information should be addressed in each section.

  • Make sure that you write in third-person language consistently.
  • Report the facts only, without interpretation and without commentary.
  • Submit the history in single-space type.
  • Discuss how you would apply a code of conduct and ethical behavior while conducting this activity. Also discuss what you would do to protect the client’s integrity.


Once you have completed writing the history, in a one page APA double-space formatted paper address the following:

  • What are the salient features noted in the history?
  • Discuss what issues require further exploration.
  • What services or resources might you consider to include in your service plan for this client? Discuss how you would approach making decisions that are objective. How would you ensure that your decisions reflect the just treatment of the client?
    (Please note that you do not have to develop a complete service plan; rather, briefly address what services you believe are needed for the client.)
  • _________________________________________________________________
  • social format history
  • Social History format

    Problem/Current Psycho-Social Stressors—
    identifying data e.g. description of client, age, gender etc. Why client is
    seeking services, length and duration of problem, how is the problem(s)
    impacting/affecting the client’s life and functioning. Talk about any other
    life stressors that might contribute to the problem. What does the client hope to gain from receiving services i.e. goals?

    Health/Substance Abuse History—
    information about previous counseling, personal history of mental illness,
    family history of mental illness, previous or current psychiatric treatment,
    hospitalizations. Discuss history of substance abuse including family history,
    in or outpatient treatment, current drug usage etc.

    Medical History—Include information about current
    medications, illnesses, diseases, surgeries, chronic or acute conditions,
    general health etc.