Internet resources reports

For the internet resource worksheet:

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1. Go to the link posted in the syllabus for each week.

Week 1 (Aug. 20-24): Pre-Colombian Background

M: Cultural regions of Mesoamerica

W: Iberia before 1492

F: Mexica Empire

Reading: Mexican Mosaic, 1-35

Internet resource: This website features pre-Colombian art from the Harvard University Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

For the internet resource worksheet:

2. Note what institution created or administrates the site. Most are from universities or museums or government sites. Knowing who is providing this content is an important aspect of Internet literacy. Remember that Google is simply a search engine, not a site in its self, and YouTube is a platform for individuals and institutions to post videos. So be sure to write in the worksheet about the creators and the website (or the featured content).

3. Check the website out. If there are several exhibits, make sure to focus on the sections dedicated to Mexico. Each site is different: some are videos, others are document collections, and others feature numerous paintings or photographs. Look at and describe in the worksheet some specific items: particular documents, works of art, or photographs, for example.

4. Explain why they struck your interest.

5. Finally, try to relate the items you examined to some aspect of lecture, class discussion, or the week’s reading.

6. You can print out the worksheet I provided or simply answer the questions on a blank sheet of paper. Print the sheet out and turn in during the beginning of class on Friday. Please do not turn in hand-written sheets.