International Business Discussion

Below are our discussion questions for Chapter 1. Please answer these six (6) questions for Part I, and express your ideas in your own words. Also, read the case, and answer the case questions thoroughly.

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Discussion Questions


  1. What is international business? Give Examples.
  2. What are the key concepts in international trade and investment? More specifically, define: import, export, FDI, Portfolio investment, trade balance, barter trade.
  3. How does international business differ from domestic business? Give clear examples for each type of risk.
  4. Who participates in international business? What is MNE(Multinational Corporations)? SME(Small and medium sized enterprises)? BG(Born Global Firms)? Give examples.
  5. Why do firms internationalize? Use the Harley-Davidson case to answer this question.
  6. Why do you think you need to study international business? And: How do you think learning about IB can help you in the future?


  1. Read the case Harley Davidson and answer the case questions ( Will send this in an attachment.