International Affairs in Canadian Identity, writing homework help

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The topic of your essay is explain how Canada’s identity has been shaped as a result of its involvement in international affairs from 1914 to 2000.

Some important things to note:

    1. Your command term is “explain”. Don’t know what a ‘command term’ is? Then watch the tutorial in step 1 of this section
    2. There is a lot of information in this section. Do not feel like you have to include an example from every topic in this section – for example, you would not necessarily use Somalia, Rwanda, the Suez Crisis, Korea and the Gulf War as examples of conflicts Canada has been involved in. Instead, pick the 2-3 that you feel you have the most solid knowledge of, and use them. Your essay, however, must include examples and supporting details from the information in this section.
    3. Your essay will be marked using the 6 point scale.