interest groups and state government presentation

Assignment Content

  1. Consider this scenario: You are working as an aide for a representative in your state legislature, and he or she has asked you for a summary of information on a particular interest group.
    Use the following instructions to prepare your 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi presentation to the representative:
    Identify and provide a description of one interest group.
    Discuss its connection or relationship to each of the two major political parties in your state.
    Analyze the interest group’s relationship with the two major political parties by addressing these questions:

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    • How does the group influence the state government?
    • What techniques does the group use?
    • How important is the interest group to your representative?

    Summarize the information you found regarding this interest group and provide a recommendation to the representative for responding to the issue with which the interest group is most concerned.
    speaker notes.