Innovation and Change: Chapter review questions (2- 2.5 pages) Management

I need to answer these review question as essay NO refrences needed

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  • 1) Explain why innovation matters to companies.
  • 2) Discuss the different methods that managers can use to effectively manage innovation in their organizations.
  • 3) How can companies create creative work environments?
  • 4) What is the difference between incremental change and discontinuous change?
  • 5) Discuss why not changing can lead to organizational decline.
  • 6) How do change forces work to bring about change? How do resistance forces work against change forces?
  • 7) How can companies manage resistance to change?
  • 8) What mistakes do managers commonly make when leading change?
  • 9)Discuss the different methods that managers can use to better manage change as it occurs.


“Change Agents.” Go to the website of Patti Hathaway, “the change agent,” at

This is a commercial website that introduces Patti Hathaway as a motivational speaker who can (for a fee) come to a company and help make change work.

1) What exactly does Ms. Hathaway do to accomplish this?

2) What are her qualifications?

3) What are some of the products and services she offers?

4) Can an outside consultant such as Patti really incite and implement change in an organization? Why or why not?