individual work week 2 week two Career Choices in Criminal Justice – 2

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Graded Activity: Individual Work 1 (20 points)

Instructional Objectives for this activity:Research Public Servant careers in criminal justice.

For this week’s Individual Work,
you will identify ten job search websites useful for criminal justice
students. Using the “Table” function in Microsoft Word, create a chart
with following information.

  • First Column Heading – Name of Website
  • Description of Website
  • Types of jobs found on website
  • Name of the person or department you would send your resume to
  • Preferred method of resume submission (i.e. mail resume directly, fill out company form, in person drop off, etc.)
  • The deliverable length of
    your homework assignment is 400-500 words, one or two double spaced
    pages (does not include title page or reference page).
  • Remember to create in-text
    citations for every source you use to create a sentence for your paper.
    Every in-text citation must have a corresponding reference on the
    reference page of your paper.
  • All homework assignments must be in APA format.
    • They must have a title page, body, and reference page.
    • They must be double spaced, using 10-12 point font, with one inch margins all the way around.
    • Tip: Website addresses are NOT references; they are links to websites only.
    • A reference contains
      four basic parts: An Author, year, title, and publisher. A website
      address does not contain those parts and is, therefore, not a reference.
    • Please do not include only a website address as a “source” in your references list.

For citation guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.

Save your document with a file name that includes your_name_course code-section number_title.

  • For example: JaneSmith_CCJ1910-12_Week2-1.docx

To submit your Individual Work, go to the Dropbox and click “Submit Assignment.”

Submit this document to the Week 2: Individual Work 1