Impact of Quality Care

In your Team Presentation address the following:

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Title slide (not included in slide count)

Introduction – Define health care quality and the purpose of quality of care initiatives.

Provide at least 1 example of quality of care issue and quality of care initiative designed to prevent that issue from reoccurring.

***The issue of readmission to inpatient behavioral health…. ****Initiatives to prevent readmissions.

For your Group 17-21 slide presentation, use at least six scholarly references published within the past three years that support your analysis and at least 4 relevant images. Information should be paraphrased and cited. However, do NOT use quotes in this course. Also, avoid writing in first person (i.e., I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.) because it makes the writing too informal. The final presentation needs to be at 15 slides in length [not including the title slide or references slide(s)]

****Please note, this is a group project so I’m only required to have 5 slides plus the title page, 2 scholarly references published within the past three years and at least one relevant image.