Immanuel Kant

For Kant, there is only
one universally valid moral principle, what O’Neill describes as the Formula of
the End in Itself (O’Neill, pp. 39-40). 
State this principle in your own words (e.g., on what does the Kantian
base all moral decisions?). Now imagine that you  just had a first
date with someone you’d been getting to know gradually in class and to whom you
are attracted. Turns out that while you had a good time on the date, you are
not interested in pursuing a relationship at this time. At the end of the
evening, your date tells you s/he had a great time, would like to go out again,
and leans in for a kiss. What would the Kantian do and/or say to the date, and
why? Would a care ethicist
come to a similar conclusion, and why

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