There is a great deal of research on individualism versus collectivism to explain the variety of cultural differences that make up a person’s identity. These studies show a variation in communication, expression, perception, and conflict avoidance that has become a framework of cultural theory (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008). Consider your own identity. Would you be the same person if you were raised in a culture that valued the group over the individual (collectivistic culture) or valued independence and the development of the self (individualistic culture)? How does your culture impact your identity?

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For this Discussion, review the learning resources and any additional resources you see fit and consider the impact of collectivist and individualistic cultures on identity development.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief explanation of how a person’s identity may develop differently in a collectivist versus an individualistic culture. Then explain how your own identity has been impacted by your individualistic culture and being raised in the United States of America. Finally, explain how your identity might differ if you were raised in a collectivist culture.

3-4 Paragraphs. APA Format. In-text citations to support your writing.