ICD-10-Coding, homework help

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ICD-10-Coding – 8 steps to accurate coding

Review the PowerPoint for a description and
example of each step then answer the following questions.

  • In
    your opinion, what is important in each of these 8 steps and why?
  • If
    you omit or do these steps out of order would that change your code?
  • Explain
    what step 8 means to the completion of accurate coding?

Steps for accurate

  1. Identify
    all terms in the diagnosis
  2. Locate
    each main term in the Alphabetic Index.
  3. Refer
    to any subterms indented under the main term.
  4. Follow
    cross-reference instructions if the needed code is not located under the
    first main entry consulted.
  5. Verify
    the code in the Tabular List.
  6. Read
    and be guided by any instructional terms in the Tabular List.
  7. Assign
    codes to the highest level of specificity.
  8. Code
    the diagnosis until all elements are completely identified.