IBM design project

Please submit your completed Design Project. As you recall this project has four parts:

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  1. You will need to completely re-design the IBM logo. This is
    your chance to be creative. Use Word, PowerPoint, or any other
    application with which you are familiar (and supports text and/or
    images) to design the new logo. The logo should represent the
    values of the organization.
  2. Using PowerPoint create a presentation to “sell” your logo.
    It will be 3-5 slides long. The first slide describes the features
    of the new logo. Include the logo itself, along with text
    describing the color selection, font choice, image choice (if
    used), etc.
  3. For the second slide create a one-page ad that combines
    images, words, and the logo itself, that introduces the “new” IBM
    to the employees, customers, and shareholders.
  4. For the last few slides, develop a written rationale as to
    how your design addresses the values of the organization and how
    the new logo would be perceived by the employees, customers, and
    shareholders. These three, very different audiences may perceive
    the logo in very different ways.