I will need 1000 word essay and powerpoint

Ebusiness – Assignment 8

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Assignment (50%) 1,000 word essay

specific best practices have you learned in this course that might be
successfully applied to improve existing competitive performance in an
organization or industry of interest to you? Try to select practices that offer
the most promise but are not yet widely accepted. First describe the industry
or organization of interest and then describe two or three of these relevant
best practices. Discuss how these practices might need to be tailored to the
organization in question. What information technologies might be leveraged to
produce higher competitive performance or organizational effectiveness? Why do
you think such practices have not been widely deployed in the organization or
industry you?

Development (50%)

Using current information available on the Internet, develop a
PowerPoint (or equivalent) briefing for a group of C-level corporate executives
at a company of your choice in regard to information security issues inherent in
their e-commerce strategies and operations. Highlight points of potential
vulnerability and some of the best practices being deployed to manage the risk
of such security issues in the e-commerce context. Assume that these executives
are rather lackadaisical about such security issues as they might have a
devastating impact upon the companies brand. Given this attitude, how would you
convince the senior managers that this is a problem truly warranting sufficient
investment and leadership