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Below is a list of composers from five of the Art Music periods we discussed in class.  Go to the Walker Library website, read about the composers in Oxford Music Online, and listen to several of their compositions in the Naxos Music Library (both found under databses).  Decide which composer you feel best represents their assigned time period and defend your decision using specific musical examples.  You should have a minimum of one paragraph (5 sentences) per musical period.

Once you have completed your initial response, comment on two other classmate’s posts stating why you either agree or disagree with their choice.  Remember, your comments should promote further discussion.

***Refer to the Battle of the Bands Rubric before completing this discussion

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  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  • Giovanni Gabrieli


  • Antonio Vivaldi
  • Johan Sebastian Bach


  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Ludwig von Beethoven


  • Giuseppe Verdi
  • Richard Wagner

20th Century

  • John Cage
  • Igor Stravinsky