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Each moderator should know the shared exchange for two reasons. First of all, some of the referees have to deal with distributors, and they should see how well moderators work. Secondly, considering that many individuals use individual trading methodologies and strategies, all intermediaries very important they will have to know how to deal with their things.

Tactical tasks

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Trader In a negotiation situation for the trader there are four important tactical tasks:

1. Estimation of the survey and final expenses. The first initial step for a moderator is to obtain data from other party estimates and opposition. The mediator can search for two general courses: getting information about the basic factors of a problem (incorrect assessments) or obtaining other party data directly for the good result and opposition party (coordinate rating) (Morley, I., & Stephenson, G. (2015)).
2. Focus on other party impressions. As a moderator, the essential strategic commitment can be to keep the data of the other party with specific data, giving real-world data and talking about trustworthiness.

  • Projection. The least complex approach to appearing position is to be stated and performed as described in these situations.
  • Import guide for printing impressions. Moderators can perform various activities to improve their position directly or likely to have an impact on the next day, using specific entries. In which the mediator will emphasize the importance of protecting their case and the importance of the other party they will be charged with the impression of their disadvantages, with the intention of opening new opportunities to the moderator, which is better than those currently existing (Landry, E. M. (2000)).

3. Change the other perceptions of the party. There are several approaches to changing perceptions of other parties

  • The interpretation of the result of the proposal by other parties.
  • Changing the perceptions of the other is hiding information.
  • Completion of damages.
  • Create alliances with outsiders.
  • Organization of negotiations.