I need to four discussion

1- Imagine you are giving a speech where you wish to Persuade your audience to adopt a dog or cat rather than buy. Which of Maslow’s needs do you think you could tap into to make your case stronger?

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Think back to the first day when I asked you what you wanted to achieve in this course. Do you believe that you achieved that goal? What is a concept from the class that you think you will take with you from this course (it can be from the readings or lectures, or something you experienced in the preparation or presentation of speaking publicly)



1-What rhetorical or language tool do you think is the most important? explain your answer

2) Why is language so important for persuasive speaking. Explain your answer



  1. Watch the following episodes of Point Taken: What did you notice in the examples of the show Point Taken as it applies to us in this course? How does the show approach argumentative speaking? What tools from our persuasive speech lesson are they using?