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  1. What is one important thing that you have learned about writing this semester? Or, how have you grown or changed as a writer/human? Explain. Refer to specific pieces of writing you have done or experiences you have had in the writing process. If you’d like, quote your own work and add your commentary to answer this question.
  2. Review the 8 Learning Goals stated in the course syllabus. Choose at least 2 of them to discuss. How have you met these learning goals? Use examples and talk about your experiences.
  3. What is one thing that you learned from your time in this course that you might apply to your academic life, your future professional life, or other kind of life? Explain.

Some of your answers to these questions might overlap a little, so organize your reflection in any way that makes sense to you, and just make sure that you cover all the questions along the way.

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This inquiry should be at least 350 words of quality thought.


Through your participation in this course, you will

  1. Practice awareness of how every text and each person’s experiences, perspectives, and worldview, including your own, have both limitations and the potential to enrich our understandings.
  2. Take a collaborative, creative inquiry stance toward learning:
  • Read, listen, speak, write, and revise with the intention of complicating, expanding, and deepening your understandings.
  • Continue to ask questions. In the face of problems and challenges, seek resources, support, and conversation with others.
  1. Formulate research questions that
  • are open-ended, focused, and flexible
  • address a conceptual or practical problem/need/issue.
  1. Identify sources and voices that are useful for your writing/research projects and ethically integrate them into your writing.
  2. Intentionally and ethically design your writing for different purposes, contexts, and audiences.
  3. Articulate the choices that writers/designers—including yourselves—have made, demonstrating awareness of context, audience, purpose, and the impact of the texts in the world.
  4. Develop your own writing voice(s), agency, and confidence in yourselves as writer-designers as well as your understanding of what you are called to do as writer-designers/humans.
  5. Create texts in multiple media and genres, demonstrating awareness of genre expectations, both when adhering to and subverting the expectations.