i need someone to watch a film and and do me a collages for it

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  1. Five (5) Two-Dimensional Collages
    • ● Collages should be 12”x9”, horizontal
    • ● Mixed media – clipped images, textiles.
    • ● Each collage should attempt to articulate a specific stage/emotion associatedwith the film.
    • ● Name and label each collage ALL CAPS lettering on a strip of paper
    • ● Resources of a collages: Kurt Schwitters, Robert Rauscheberg, Eileen Agar, RomareBearden, Nancy Spero

    1. Film Viewing

    https://www3.123movies00.com/movie/pan-s-labyrinth____ Notes: total 5 of collages. don’t use too many pictures on a the collages. you should consider the color of the collages it should be a meaning of it. use a photoshop to make the collages look perfectplease write a description of each collages so i can know