I need someone to Correct my essay that i wrote about reality t.v, It needs improvement ( however, its already written)

My teacher gave me some corrections that i need to do and I will need you to correct it for me. This is what my professor wants after looking at this version of the essay.
a) propose a topic,
Reality TV is way too general: what with it? (the same concerns the lack of a specific core claim: without it, you can write about anything and everything that relates to reality tv, and it’s not what your task is)
b) develop a short text explaining the context, background, and/or stimulus behind choosing the particular topic,
you write about reality tv as a decontextualized phenomenon: isn’t it context-specific? is every reality tv show the same regardless of the country, year?

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d) propose a tentative claim or hypothesis (which will then be the organizing idea informing the research process and source selection and integration),
If your claim is best summed up by the last sentence of the first paragraph, it’s vague and lacks context: where? when? how do you measure the impact? how am I to understand the labels “popular” and “cultural”? what theoretical ground(s) is your claim based on?
e) include at least two academic peer-reviewed sources, cited and formatted in APA.
What I am missing is background information on the sources: who are the authors, from what academic/professional perspective do they analyze the phenomenon, what agendas do they operate with?
There are several overgeneral and secondary (background) statements that you either don’t need or should make more specific. Re-read your text and double-check for statements that are as general as your opening sentence: get rid of them.

The essay is submited below