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The argumentative essay should address a topic about which you would like to see change. The essay, written in the form of a one page letter, should be directed toward an actual person, or institution, that can bring about the change that you desire.

Part One – Logical Outline

The logical outline consists of the formulation of the thesis and the basic reasoning process that results in the thesis. This outline constitutes the framework the argumentative essay will follow.

The thesis proposed is the conclusion of such a reasoning process. The premises are the reasons for holding the conclusion. The purpose of the logical outline is to fix the direction in which the argument of the essay must move. It establishes the path reasoning follows to reach the conclusion, or, in other words, to prove the thesis.

Your outline must include one conclusion statement and three premises. The outline should not exceed four (4) sentences. The outline should be attached to your final essay.

Part Two – Composition of Letter

a. introduction

The introductory part of your letter should present some considerations concerning the significance of the issue to be discussed. It must also establish the thesis held and to be argued by the author of the essay. It may indicate the ‘stepping stones’ of the argument as formulated in the logical outline.

b. argument

This part contains the development of the stepping stones (the premises). Each step must be dealt with in such a way that it can be shown to be ‘true,’ to ‘make sense,’ to be ‘logical.’ Each premise should be developed in its own paragraph. The argumentative part should end with some statement concerning the state of the thesis, such as: “It can, therefore, be said that…(the thesis)..is true, or logical, or sound).”

c. conclusion

Your essay may end with a review of the opinions presented in the introduction. The final paragraph can also discuss the meaning of the thesis in a wider context (for example, the side benefits that would accrue if what has been argued favorably is to be adopted as practice).


a. Your letter should not exceed one page. It must be free of fallacious arguments, grammatical and spelling errors.