I need help with a reaction paper assignment

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My teacher said, “Please share your thoughts and reaction to class discussion.”—issues with the justice system in my country USA, explain details about these topics in these pictures and then how to change them for the better future. make 

COM 4501.JPG 

COM 4503.JPG 



and Please write in High school level like “The
reflection paper is about what happened during class. When it started, the
teacher asked if we read the article that is called What Students Really Need
to Hear. Some of us gave a summary or view that in general a teacher cares for
his students as he encourages them to work harder to have a successful life,
instead of quitting class. It means to me a lot since it’s related to the
internship which makes it serious work and will show a good impression on
the person’s resume. The internship helps people learn how to work in the right
way. The Workforce Recruitment Program or WRP works on proving all the
companies that college deaf students can work with their abilities and many of
them get job opportunities throughout WRP. A network and technology may be
powerful because it helps us connect with other companies which helps us get a
job any place over the world, although a brownie is to tend to follow other
people instead of your own opinion, it might make people in a work place to be
honored and trusted as a good team. I am concerned about the brownie. It may
not be a good idea–I don’t like it because I believe in my peaceful opinion so
that we can discuss to solve a problem.”