I need help with a 3 page final paper in ethics

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For your final paper, you have two topic

You must include,
at minimum, three separate pieces of support from the course material. The
resources below will help you, and you may also draw from any of the course’s
weekly material. Follow APA guidelines for paper format, citing and

View the Tuskegee Study resources below. Choose at least two
ethical theories we have studied over the course of the previous nine weeks, and
apply them to the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. A few questions you should address in
your paper:

  1. To what specific
    actions and members do your chosen ethical concepts apply?
  2. What guidelines were
    violated and how are the guidelines similar to your chosen ethical
  3. How do the outcomes
    of the Tuskegee study affect understanding of the need for trust in the medical

Tuskegee Study

Social justice is a growing concern as it relates to health,
quality of life, infant mortality, and life expectancy. There is growing concern
that the wealthy are getting wealthier at the expense of the poor, who are
getting poorer. Consider once again, the TED Talk from week 6 and the idea of inequality and
application of the “Veil of Ignorance” 

Answer this
question: “Is the growing wealth divide ethical?”

  1. Choose a side: pro
    or con. You may not choose a neutral stance.
  2. Review the videos
    below. You may use additional, credible sources of your own as well.
  3. Address why you have
    chosen your stance, using support for your view from the weekly material and the
    videos below.

CAUSES series:  Episode 7 – Not Just a Paycheck: Growing Wealth Divide
Is Bad for Health

CAUSES series:  Episode 5 – Place Matters: Living in Disadvantaged
neighborhoods is bad for your health

CAUSES series:  Episode 1 – In Sickness and In Wealth: There’s No Such
Thing as Small Stuff: Being Poor in Louisville

Your final paper should be
three full pages, in 12 pt. Times New Roman font,
include a cover page and reference page, and be formatted according to APA

Each  paper is limited to no more than a 30% for the
originality report. Papers that exceed this limit will have significant point