I need help with 4 solid paragraphs which would be nearly 2 pages double spaced about management positions

This is my virtual company:

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PRAFL is an online candy shop that puts the best candy from a specific nation around the world into a box and delivers it to you. The product is designed to bring multiple candies from all over the world around you straight to your home. The business is subscription-based, through which each subscriber receives the nation themed candy package every month.

Click on the file below to look at the organizational chart I have done.

Once you checked it.

I need you to write 1 solid paragraph for the Chief Sales officer and what it consits off in the organizational chart. We put Ireland and Ausria because we are deliver candy to german speaking countries and ireland because its the 2nd best choclate consumer in Europe. Also, include what they would be doing for example: knocking on peoples houses trying to get as many customers as possible.

Then 1 solid paragraph about the Cheif Finance Officer and what it consists off in the organizational chart again. Explain each position and include it with the company.

Then 1 paragraph explaining where you would put yourself on the managerial grid if you were a Chief Sales officer and explain why.

Then 1 paragraph with the chief finance officer explaining where you would put yourself on the managerial grid. So the same thing