I need help answering a few questions

Explain the differences between direct and indirect introductions when drafting written communication. Do you think that using the indirect approach to organize a message is manipulative or unethical? Why?

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When is it appropriate to end a written message with a goodwill conclusion? When is it appropriate to use a summary conclusion? What type of close is often used in a persuasive message? Why?

Determining the strategy and information to include in a persuasive message means you have to understand your reader’s perspective. What six questions should a writer ask herself or himself before she begins?

Applying pathos in a persuasive message means that you use the readers’ emotions to help convince them of your message. When is this acceptable and when might it be unscrupulous? Provide an example of the unethical use of pathos in a commercial you have recently seen in the media.

What are some of visual elements that should be included when writing professional messages? Why is a clear subject line important in emails?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of including graphics. What types of graphics work best in written communication, and how can they be successfully integrated into the text?

The style and tone of a message is important. Define and discuss each of these ideas, and explain the importance of coherence and flow. What are some mechanical errors that that bring the writer’s credibility into question?

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