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Question 1

  1. A common mistake of a beginning researcher is: (Choose all the correct answers)
    Selecting a topic that is too broad or narrow
    Over reliance on the course syllabus
    Using only electronic sources
    Selecting a controversial subject

Question 2

  1. Business databases are online collections of thousands of:

    • articles
    • market research reports
    • company and industry financials
    • SWOT analyses
      …and more!

    Business databases offer:

    • Free access to otherwise expensive information,
    • Immediate online access to articles from thousands of scholarly journals and business publications, and
    • Features that allow you to save, export, and share data, charts, and graphs

    Databases are always available, on or off campus, with your WilmU username and password.One business-related database available through the Library is Business Source Ultimate which contains information about national and international business. Please select other library databases (more than one) that the library recommends for business research.

    Mergent Intellect
    Value Line
    Psyc Info
    Regional Business News

10 points

Question 3

  1. Trade Journal CoversTRADE PUBLICATIONS: One of the best ways to find information on an industry is to look for trade publications. Articles in trade publications (such as Automotive News, Beverage World, and Institutional Investor and others displayed above) are written for readers who work in that industry. Trade publications feature articles, ads, special reports, and more on industries, companies, executives, consumers, and business trends. Since these publications are so specialized, they are likely to address a variety of issues, viewpoints, and perspectives related to the subject matter. Most common trade publications have good reputations with experts in the industry and provide verifiable, trustworthy information.Select the answer that best describes trade journals:
    Trade journals are written by experts, but these are usually not people with PhDs who are working in academia; instead, they are experts who are employed in the trade or profession
    Trade journals are written for experts, but again, the readers are not necessarily scholars; they are individuals working in that trade or profession
    Trade journals are not peer reviewed or editorially reviewed; instead, they are more like magazines in that they have editors.
    Trade journals are considered scholarly.

10 points

Question 4

  1. Scholarly sources are:

    • written by scholars, experts with advanced degrees in the subject area,
    • written for scholars, which means the author(s) will cover advanced, complex content in the common language of that discipline,
    • peer reviewed, or editorially reviewed [See below.]

    To view the basic components of a scholarly article, explore this brief, visual tutorial: Anatomy of a Scholarly ArticleWe usually talk about scholarly articles, but there are also scholarly books called monographs. These are published by university presses and have many of the same identifying characteristics as scholarly articles.For this question, please select answers describing what makes a scholarly source scholarly.

    The fact that it is published in a scholarly journal.
    The fact that it has been reviewed by scholars.
    The fact that it is written by a scholar.
    The fact that it is written for an audience of scholars.

10 points

Question 5

  1. Descriptors are terms used by each database to “officially” label a particular concept. This is referred to as a controlled vocabulary. Descriptors are also known as subject terms.Descriptors used by a particular database can be found in that database’s Thesaurus or Subject Terms Lookup.Suppose you wanted to locate research articles on women in business. Use the library database Business Source Utimate to find out what the official subject term is for this topic. Select the best answer

10 points

Question 6

  1. Sometimes you need to search the Web because it is the best place to find certain kinds of information sources, especially gray literature and primary sources. Some examples include:

    • government documents
    • digitized primary sources from museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions
    • annual reports and white papers from corporations, non-profit organizations and NGOs
    • and more.

    Beyond what you can find using general search engines, like Google, there is Google Scholar, which searches:

    • books
    • scholarly articles
    • conference papers
    • case law
    • U.S. patents (if you choose to include them)

    If you access Google Scholar through the library’s Article Databases page, you will be able to sign in and find links to full-text articles found in your Google Scholar search results via library databases.Because the Web is vast and unmonitored in terms of quality, it is important to learn how to use Web search engines to their fullest potential.Use Google Scholar to locate a scholarly journal article entitled,

    Organizational Surveillance of Computer-Mediated Workplace Communication: Employee Privacy Concerns and Responses

    Please note that this journal is licensed by the Library. Use the Wilmington U. FULLTEXT link to access this article. Select the correct title of the journal from the list of titles below.

    Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal
    Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy
    Management Communication Quarterly
    Journal of Business Ethics

10 points

Question 7

  1. Company information is also available in many of our databases. Some provide history and financials, others give market share, SWOT analysis, and still others provide newspaper and magazine articles. Although there may be some duplication of information between databases, each database may provide information in a way the others do not.Mergent Intellect, formerly Hoover’s, includes information on both public and private U.S. companies, Canadian companies, and international companies. It also contains a residential database, company executive biographies, industry information, and a job search database of U.S. and Canadian employers.The Mergent Intellect interface enables users to look-up specific companies or people and to build lists of companies that meet certain criteria (location, size, annual sales, number of employees, industry code). Use the Help guide to discover all the features Mergent Intellect provides for business researchers, job seekers and working professionals. When doing business research, it is useful to obtain the NAICS codes and SIC codes. For this question you are asked to identify the NAICS code for the local company, W. L. Gore.
    Click on the link for Mergent Intellect and search for the Newark, DE – based private company, W.L. Gore. Identify this company’s primary NAICS code from the list of possible answers.
    33570100 : Communication wire
    335921 : Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing
    Surgical and medical instruments 3841

10 points

Question 8

  1. Now perform a search in Mergent Intellect for another local company – Under Armour. This company is based in Baltimore, MD and manufactures performance athletic clothing and technology. Go to the Industry Details section and click on the First Search Industry Report for 315990. This icon is just to the right of the NAICS code. Once you have opened the report, scroll down to the “Critical Issues” section. Select two of the issues faced by companies in the Apparel Accessories Manufacturing industry.
    Dependence on Consumer Income
    Dependent on Consumer Tastes
    Risks of Foreign Sourcing
    More Foreign Suppliers Sell Directly

10 points

Question 9

  1. A SWOT analysis is an analysis of the internal and external environment of a company, organization, or nonprofit. SWOT analyses are used to create strategic business plans.External environmental factors are typically considered to either be Opportunities or Threats, whereas Internal factors are generally classified as Strengths or Weaknesses.The four factors together (Strength + Weaknesses + Opportunities + Threats) make up a SWOT analysis. Check out this video for more info. Look here for info about searching for SWOT reports in Business Source Ultimate.The library database, Business Source Ultimate, provides many SWOT reports. Use this database to locate the SWOT analysis for Under Armour, Inc. Once you have located the report answer the below matching exercise.
    A. Rising labor wages in the US
    B. Growing US apparel market
    C. Multi-channel approach
    D. Dependence on third-party suppliers and manufacturers

10 points

Question 10

  1. Earlier you searched for the NAICS code for Under Armour Inc. This is one of the codes assigned to this company:315990 Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel ManufacturingUse Business Source Ultimate to locate articles about this industry. Be sure to change the search field to IC NAICS Code or Description. From the result list, open the article entitled, What We Love Most This Month published in the January 2017 issue of PC Magazine. Answer this True/False question:One of the reviewed products was manufactured by Under Armour, Inc.

10 points

Question 11

  1. At the recent 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show, Under Armour announced their newest product, high tech pajamas that help you sleep better. According to a description provided by Under Armour, “The pattern lining the garments includes special bioceramic particles that absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back Far Infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting better sleep.” This is a very bold claim and requires some checking. Take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about this “Far Infrared” technology. You can see there are several references to the research in this area. For this question, use the Resources in your library link (example below) to see if the Wilmington University Library provides access to some scholarly resources on this topic.
    Resources in your libraryBased on the results, does the library provide access to scholarly resources on the topic of “Far Infrared?”

10 points

Question 12

  1. Watch VideoYouTube- Fed Ex Stolen Idea – Captioned.wmv
    User: n/a – Added: 9/28/10Proper citation is necessary for a number of reasons. When you cite resources, you demonstrate that you understand and adhere to the practices of scholarly culture. Because of this, your work is more likely to be taken seriously by members within the field. Citation allows you to demonstrate that you are building upon information and contributing to the larger conversation of scholarship. Without crediting the author, it is as though you are saying that your voice is the only voice on the subject. Experts within the field are typically knowledgeable about current research. It is likely that if you choose not to cite an idea, someone will notice.Citation also provides background information for your audience by offering them a path to follow should they choose to research your topic further or examine your sources in order to determine their point of view. Bibliographies or references found at the end of a document help to point the reader in the direction of further resources.The process of sharing information through research is the conversation of scholarship. As you form new ideas based on the information you learn from experts, you contribute to the ongoing conversation on a particular topic.Select the following elements of why citing is important
    demonstrates that you are building upon and contributing to the larger conversation of scholarship
    provides background information for your readers
    allows the reader to examine your sources
    all of the above

10 points

Question 13

  1. What information was the most useful?

Question 14

  1. Was there additional information that you would like us to cover?

Question 15

  1. What could be done to make this session more useful or relevant to you?

Question 16

  1. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?