I need 4 homework questions answered on different topics. Articles for each topic will be provided.

1) Using Annual Editions, the article entitled “Re-evaluating the “Culture of Poverty” by Stephen Suh and Kia Heise, explain the culture of poverty thesis, present the arguments against the culture of poverty thesis and be able to explain poverty or at least present the major theories that try to explain the causes of poverty. Why is it so difficult for teenagers to get ahead and what norms and conditions do you think could be changed to give poor teenagers a better chance to get ahead? Explain your choices. 4-5 paragraphs

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2) Using Annual Edition’s article entitled “Are you Racist” by Chris Mooney, please summarize the points being made by the author regarding how many consciously non-racist people are unconsciously racist and how the deepest prejudice is a preference for one’s own group. Describe the differences between conservatives and liberals and between races on their level of bias and prejudice. Including at least two external sources, please explain whether you agree with the points that the author is making. If these unconscious biases exist, what do you believe can we done about them? 4-5 paragraphs

3) Using Annual Editions article “Low-Tech Terrorism” by Bruce Hoffman, summarize some of the low tech explosive devices that have been constructed and their level of destructiveness. Unfortunately whoever wrote the learning outcomes for the text did not read the article so they don’t match the contents since this article has nothing to do with cyberterrorism so please ignore the Learning Outcomes and the critical thinking questions at the end of the article. Instead this article focuses on the damage that can be done with even low tech explosive devices, turning airplanes into missiles as in September 11, 2001, the use of biological weapons (anthrax, sarin nerve gas) as well as home-made style bombs. Provide an overview of the variety of homemade weapons created with a specific focus on the types of low tech IEDs that have been put together by terrorists and insurgents alike as stated in the text. Despite the fact that these are home-made IEDs, how effective are they especially when mixed with chemicals. Also, please describe how these IEDS continue to affect this continuing war on terrorism and also give us some insight about our enemy. 4-5 paragraphs

4) Using Annual Editions article entitled “What Happens When We All Live to 100?” by Gregg Easterbrook, please summarize the article including describing the new science of aging and its potential for helping people live substantially longer, discussing the past record of research on life extending technologies and providing some of the most likely causes of increasing life expectancy over the past two centuries. Utilizing the article and external sources, describe how you believe an older population will alter our culture and how you personally feel about this aging society (look at how the Japanese culture is changing). Is it scary or exciting? Please explain your answer. 4-5 paragraphs