i have history homework?

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Imagine marching into combat as a Roman centurion, or fighting as a Muslim warrior to gain control of Jerusalem, or creating a new nation as an African, or sailing into combat as a Japanese sailor. You yourself are creating history as you live and breathe. These simulations will place you in the past, so that you can better understand how individuals similiar to yourself made their own decisions.

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, rather, each choice provides a different experience with its own outcome. By experiencing the problems and crisis that individuals have faced, you will gain a better understanding of the viewpoints of other peoples and cultures, as well as the “cause-and-effect” cycle in history.

At the conclusion of each simulation path there are “Questions for Reflection” as well as multiple choice questions–you do not have to complete these, but may find them helpful for yourself.

For this assignment, You are to choose three different simulations to experience. For each, click on the link, and follow the directions. For each of the three different simulations that you choose, in your own wordsyou are to write a summary of your individual experience. Usually a good paragraph for each simulation experience is sufficient. Tell me who you were, what happened to you/your group, etc., what different choices would you make if you have a “do over”. What did you learn from each experience?

This should be DOUBLE SPACED.Work should be in complete sentences, coherent, and grammatically correct.