I already choose the artwork ” The Bust Of Nefertiti “

Choose a piece of artwork — sculpture, frieze, statue, pottery, etc. — from the time periods and places we’ve been studying.

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Write at least one paragraph, describing it — size, material its made of, place/time of origin, creator (if known), subject matter, style, etc.

Write at least three paragraphs analyzing the piece of artwork — Was it a practical item, or decorative? What were its uses? What is the purpose/function of the artwork? Why was it created? Was it for public or private use/purpose? What does it tell you about the time/place in which it was created, and the people who created it?

Include an image of the artwork, and where it is located (museum website, etc.)

Choose a specific piece of art, not a general category or type of artwork.

If you go to a museum for this assignment, you will get extra credit. Write your name on your receipt, ticket or program, scan it in along with the assignment and submit them both.

MLA format, including in-line/in-text citations, Works Cited Page (not included in page length requirement).

It would be helpful for you to let me know what your piece of art is going to be — I can help steer you to authoritative research sources, and advise on your choice in general.

This assignment is due 12/9.