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Two paragraph per question

Question #1

In Chapter 1 we talk about the role HR plays within today’s
organizations. It’s logical is it not? Today, the most valuable asset a
company can have is its employees! Years ago while pursuing our MBAs, we
took courses in Inventory Management, Production, and Plant Operations.
TBut then twenty years ago our economy was based upon manufacturing and
a company’s production capacity and inventory were of prime importance.
Today, we’re in the information age and employees, especially creative
employees with innovative ideas and technological skills, are paramount.

years ago, an HRM was little more than an administrator, someone to
process the application form and ensure the new employee’s beneficiary
form was completed correctly. Today, HRM’s are strategic partners in
every thriving business enterprise developing policies and programs to
support the mission of the business enterprise. Be sure to read and
understand the information presented in Table 2.1 on pages 38 and 39 of
your text.

Take a moment and define for us in your own
words what you understand “strategic” to mean? And then discuss in
detail and in your own words why we look at Strategic HRM as one of the
first topic in this course.

Be sure to include citations from at least two sources you used to develop your responses!

QUESTION 2: Thoughts about HR Functions in today’s world

I would like you to do is read chapters one and two and then the Art
Brooks and the Mayhew articles. As you read, make note of all of the HR
functions identified in the readings and reflect carefully on the
responsibilities of today’s HRMs.

In your thoughtful idea
presentation you want to talk about organizational functions and about
the responsibilities an HRM has today to help an organization achieve
maximum efficiency and meet their stated goals. Include some thoughts to
demonstrate your understanding about how and HRM’s roles and
responsibilities have developed and grown. Once you’ve posted your
thoughts, take the time to respond to a colleague’s ideas.

Discussion #3

Perform an Internet
search to find a specific diversity policy for an organization. What is
the organization? What is their policy? From what you know of the
organization, do you believe they follow this policy in reality? Are
there any articles in the news that contradict their policy?

Which Web site or Internet link did you use? Post it as a formal APA citation.

Students, try to use a variety of different organizations. Yes, you may use your own company or organization.

Interact with another student.

Discussion #4

are some things we can do, personally, to be more multiculturally
efficient? Use at least one reference to support your comments.

Question 5: Internal vs External Recruiting

respond to this question, you first want to define and discuss INTERNAL
vs. EXTERNAL recruitment practices. You want to demonstrate your
understanding of the pros and cons of each approach. Include in you
discussion an example of a situation in which each of these approaches
might be particularly effective. Be sure to conduct independent research
and include an expert’s ideas (with proper citations) to support your

Question 6: What haven’t we focused on?

is a wealth of information available in our texts, isn’t there? I
cannot possibly ask you questions about every topic and concept – but I
want to make sure you know the material. For example, we didn’t talk
about INTERVIEWS and the various interviewing techniques an HRM can use.
Then, there are the important topics of NEGOTIATING with and PLACING
employees, once they have been hired!


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