human evolution, psychology assignment help

Your answer should be at least 500 words (which will be about 2 pages double spaced at a 12 point font). Please include the word count at the end of your essay in parentheses, like this: (WORD COUNT: 588 words). Please DO NOT include the prompt with your essay as this will interfere with an accurate word count
If you include knowledge from a specific source other than the textbook or lectures, then you must provide the reference in APA style
physical changes in our ancestral hominids appeared to be linked to changes in their environment, including changes in climate, availability of food and resources, and even the social environment. Humans are (somewhat) unique in that we have evolved the ability to use and create tools to shape our environment. Has evolution stopped? Are humans (and their brains and behavior) continuing to evolve in the present day? If yes, what is driving evolution today? If no, what is occurring instead?

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