hum111 week 2 discussion response r.h.

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Hello Class!

This week was very interesting the poetry reading was very beautiful. It is hard for me to tell the exact meanings of my quote from the reading but it is very relative to modern day poetry. “Your hand in my hand, My soul inspired My heart in bliss,Because we go together.” Modern day poetry is very similar to the quote stated, I believe it is something to do with being in love, “Your hand in my hand.”

I was very intrigued learning about mummification, The process of mummification takes a very long time. It took me by surprise since the person was dead and why they did the whole process. But after reading further into it realizing they worshiped gods who not only gods but the Egyptians civilization believed in the after life, as do I. Reading how they did it was interesting but also alarming to me, I could not wrap my head around the whole process. The drying out of all internal organs and putting them aside while they completed the draining of the body was very interesting! It was upsetting knowing the wealthy were buried in tombs, while the poor were buried with their belongings, much like todays modern funeral being buried along with having thinks loved by the person who passed away being buried in the coffin with them.

This mummification process was worth reading and understanding how we came as a world today!

Thanks, Rebecca