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Please read:

Collett, S. (2013). 100 BEST PLACES TO WORK IN IT 2013. Computerworld, 47(11), 15-19,21-22,24,26-28,30,32,34-36,38-42,44-48. Retrieved from

Case Assignment

Discuss the following in a well-integrated essay:

  • After you have reviewed the Collett article, discuss three actions that should be on every employer’s bucket list to improve employee-employer relations in their organizations. Be specific. Discuss why you have chosen those actions. Expand by providing actual employer examples (stating employers by name).
  • Conduct additional research on at least one of the employers you discuss and provide some concluding recommendations for employers today.

Bring in at 3 least additional library sources to help strengthen your discussion.

Please upload your paper by the module due date. Paper length: 4-5 pages, not counting the cover and reference pages.