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1) In Howard
Zinn’s speech “Artists in Times of War” he describes the role of the artist in
society.  First, describe the role
of artists as Zinn sees it. 
Specifically, he asserts that as artists it is our job to “transcend”
the current state of reality.  Secondly,
explain how you understand this notion of “transcendence”.  Lastly, provide some concrete examples
of how artists “transcend” the dominant order (as it is presented to us through
the education system, the mass media, political leaders, our families, and
society in general) and challenge their immediate reality.  Keep in mind that according to Zinn we are all
artists living in times of war.  Taking
that into consideration, think about how each of us can critically examine,
confront and move beyond the status quo.

Answer one of the following prompts.  Approach the
assignment as a personal reflection paper, a conversational piece that
critically engages with the topics and ideas discussed during the first four
weeks of the course.  I am looking for a
thoughtful response that displays you have taken time to analyze the materials
covered.  Draw from your lived
experiences and connect your responses to your everyday, concrete
realities.  Consider the lens through which
you view the world, the way you feel, see and experience reality. [Provide
at least 2-3 direct quotations from the text under consideration in your