Howard Schlutz Leading Assessment

My Chosen Leader is Howard Schlutz the CEO of Starbucks

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Under my leader skills I am considered an executor

Then my skill strengths were ranked as follow: Futuristic, Strategic, Achiever, Focus and Belief

Your chosen leader analysis should answer the following prompt: Select a leader from the list below. Your selection should be informed by the professional self-assessment
that you completed in Module Two. With instructor consultation and approval, you may select a leader who is not on the list provided. If you select a
leader not on the list, you should either have personal experience working with the leader, or the leader should have experience in a publicly traded company.
This knowledge is necessary for you to find the required information related to the leader.
After you select a leader, submit a short paper or presentation on your self-assessment and your analysis of your chosen leader. Analyze the results of your self-assessment
and then focus on your chosen leader, analyzing his or her career track and explaining what impact his or her leadership skills had on the
organization and how the leader’s management style helped him or her accomplish goals. Refer to the Final Project Part I Rubric (below) for submission
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Self-Assessment
A. With your focus on leadership, analyze the results of your professional self-assessment. In your analysis, make sure to consider your strengths,
areas for development, and your skills, abilities, and tendencies. You could also consider results such as your communication and team-building
B. Briefly compare and contrast your self-assessment results to the leadership characteristics of the leader you selected. In other words, what skills
and abilities does the leader have that you also have? What skills and abilities does the leader have that you do not?
II. Leadership and Management
A. Analyze the leader’s professional career track and growth, focusing specifically on the leader’s management roles and functions. How are the
leader’s leadership skills and abilities different from the management roles and functions he or she fulfilled?
B. What impact did the leader’s leadership skills have on his or her ability to improve organizational structure, operations, and communication?
C. What impact did the leader’s management roles and functions have on his or her ability to improve organizational structure, operations, and