how the teacher will incorporate the following seven principles for promoting student motivation to read?

Step 1: Use the text link to open and read the case study vignette Creating A Motivating and Supportive Learning Environment Assignment Overview attached to dropped files below. The vignette describes students’ engagement with a variety of literacy tasks when these were assigned within a motivating and supportive learning environment and coupled with effective instruction. As you read, take notes on how the teacher incorporated the following seven principles for promoting student motivation to read:

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1. Use of conceptual themes to guide inquiry

2. Real-world interactions as springboards for further inquiry

3. Encouragement of self-direction

4. The existence of a variety of tasks

5. Support for the use of cognitive strategies

6. Social collaboration

7. Opportunities for self-expression

Step 2: Identify a unit that you will teach in your classroom.

Step 3: Compose an essay that describes how you will modify and adjust the unit to fully incorporate the seven strategies listed above. Clearly describe how each of the seven components will be included in your unit. Your essay should be between 2-3 pages in length, and include at least three (3) references from this lesson’s readings, and/or viewings. The 2-3 page limit does NOT include the cover page or the reference page; it only includes the body of your essay. Use the Creating a Motivating and Supportive Learning Environment Rubric to guide your development of this assignment that is dropped in files. Please cite APA. I have also attached reading and articles from this weeks lesson.