How subsystems of a business operate and function

Utilizing an Open-Systems Model, demonstrate how a organization (or any another organization) and its subsystems are organized and function. Your demonstration should be a visual infographic or some other illustrative representation.

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Then, create a one-page summary (150-300 words) to correlate with your illustration (not including the cover page or references in the page count) written in APA format.

  • Your summary should reflect on the value of the Open Systems Model explaining why Organizational Development might be important to your organization.
  • Include citations, references to reading material, and experiences to support your position.

Your illustration and summary (and cover page and reference list) must be in the same document for a single submission to the Assignments page. The illustration can be an infographics, a Power Point slide, a photograph of a hand-drawn illustration or other visuals. Do not copy the illustration from the text or materials, but you can use the same ideas. The illustration should include items specific to the organization you are using.