How Niels Henrik Abel proved the binomial theorem at the age of sixteen?

– Essay About Niels Henrik Abel

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– The research question .. How Niels Henrik Abel proved the binomial theorem at the age of sixteen, and how can this theorem apply to combinatorics, algebra, calculus, and many other mathematics areas?

– I attached an example for the essay

– I want to be simple

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This is a FIRM deadline. The reason is that your classmates and I must have a chance to read your draft and give you

feedback. Do NOT go over the word limit of 3500 words (about 6 single-spaced or 12 double-spaced pages). It is

important that you be able to state your ideas without rambling about irrelevant things — your peers and I appreciate

it! You should bring 3 or 4 copies of your paper to hand out to your group and to me.

The draft does not need to be perfect or complete, but it will be graded. Obviously, the more complete and refined

the draft is, the better your grade will be, and the less work you’ll have to do on your final draft. Your grade on the

rough draft will be based on how well you answer your research question and how well you defend your answers

(claims) with historical evidence. Make sure that no reader finishes the first page of your draft without clearly

understanding what your research question is.