how it works within the management functions we have discussed?

You will research an organization that you would like to learn more about and write about how it works within the management functions we have discussed. For example, discuss topics we have reviewed in the course and how you believe management has made a difference in either a positive or negative way. Highlight the management structure, the mission statement of the organization and how you feel that the organizational culture is ?

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For your paper, you can add any research found on employee satisfaction found on, Great Place to Work or even if they are recognized as the Fortune 500 best employers www.

Example: Wells Fargo Bank – what might you learn about the management structure if you reviewed this organization? What went wrong recently and how could this scandal have been avoided?

Students should document and reflect on the various aspects of management in that organization including, but not limited to, organizational structure, culture, norms, resource management systems, human resource management and performance metrics. Read through each chapter and highlight what you feel you have learned and apply a real business to topics you find interesting. This paper is open ended for a reason. The rubric is posted in the course.

Your document should be user friendly, organized, easy to read, and visually appealing. Your paper should be professional. Fonts must be consistent and professional in size. You must use Times New Roman or Calibri Font size 12. 5-6 pages, single space total including APA works cited. Do NOT just cut and paste internet research or links.