how does Emerson define the freedom of what he calls “the single individual”, history homework help

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Entry #10 how does Emerson define the freedom of what he calls “the single individual”?

Entry #11 which Americans would be most likely to object to Calhoun’s political system?

Entry #12 why does Monroe think that the “systems” of Europe and the western hemisphere are fundamentally different?

Entry #13 Explain the causes and effects of the panic of 1837?

Entry #14 what were the major economic, humanitarian, political, and social arguments for and against Indian removal?

Entry #15 why does de bow feel that it is important to show that bible sanctions slavery?

Entry #16 how did enslaved people create community and a culture that allowed them to survive in an oppressive society?

Entry #17 how does Douglass turn the ideals proclaimed by white Americans into weapons against slavery?

Entry #18 how did western expansion affect the sectional tensions between north and south?

Entry#19 what was the impact of the civil war on civil liberties?

Entry #20 what national issues and attitudes combined to bring an end to reconstruction of 1877?


Answer all of the questions make sure there labeled by entry best to your abilty no documents or chapters needed its a summery on your personal believe of that question!