How did you identify the theoretical statement in the argument?, Critical Reasoning homework help

Identify a current argument in the popular media that incorporates or necessitates
theoretical statements. Include a copy of the passage in which you locate the argument.

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In a 3-page essay, describe the following:

  • How did you identify the theoretical statement in the argument?
  • Do you believe the theoretical statement should be accepted? Why, or why not?
  • If the statement should be accepted, demonstrate how it is immune to first-stage criticism.
  • If the statement should not be accepted, demonstrate how either
    first-stage or second-stage criticism of the theory undermines
    its veracity.

This essay will include a thesis statement regarding the author’s position on the theory. It will include an introduction
that introduces the reader to the issues at stake, and a conclusion that summarizes the author’s findings.

-This essay needed to be in APA format.