How days of the week affect moods?

Can you write a 15 page research paper on: How days of the week affect moods?

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Force of Argument: How strong is the “force of your argument”? How well supported are your assertions? What evidence do you use? What is the quality of inferences you make?

2.Theory Base and Tie In: Did you tie the paper into the material in the textbook and that discussed in class (in other words, does your paper indicate that you also paid attention to the class discussion and did the readings). If there is a theory base,” then your paper needs to tie in to that theory base in addition to “telling the story.”

3.Paper Organization: Did you adequately prepare the reader for the subject and the analysis? Does the reader know where you are going? (Did you use good writing skills – introduction, topic sentences, identification of sources and analysis methodology, review and conclusion)

4.Grammar and Syntax: Did you use good grammar, spelling, proper punctuation, proper citation, active voice, appropriate academic tone and vocabulary?

5.Coverage of the Subject: Did you adequately cover the subject? (This is a judgment call on my part, but I will have to make some judgments in grading your papers.)

6.Appropriate References: Did you use at least 3 additional references in addition to those used in class? Do those references pass academic muster? (i.e. Wikipedia may be an appropriate place to start a search for sources, but is not an appropriate source itself)