How can we reduce poverty in the United States?, writing homework help

Select one of the following questions and answer it
in 75 to 100 words using the principles of critical thinking you learned
in this course.

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  • How can we reduce poverty in the United States?
  • Will receiving a college degree improve your career opportunities?
  • Has the United States peaked as a world power?

Reflect in 75 to 100 words on the process of
critical thinking you used in forming your response. Include the
following in your reflection: 

  • How does the process of critical thinking you used relate to or
    differ from the process you used to find content for your answer?
  • How can you use critical thinking in other areas?
  • What steps can you take to ensure that you continue to use critical thinking in the future?

Format your responses consistent with APA standards.
Use the APA Essay Template and HUM/115 In-Text Citation and Reference
Examples to assist you with APA.

Please take these link listed below into consideration. In order for
me to receive FULL POINTS I need for this information: APAEssayTemplate,
Hum115REFLECTIONRUBRIC, and Hum115Referencesintectcitations to be
CONSIDERED when writing this paper.