Homework Assignment essay

Create an essay outline based upon the “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula K. LeGuin. Chose one of the following question prompters below:

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1. Write an essay to describe three areas of the city of Omelas citizens’ lives that might have been compromised if they had not kept the city’s secret.

2. Write an essay to define three characterizations of the city of Omelas as a utopia that were most memorable and provide the rationale for your choices.

3. Write an essay to identify three areas of the Omelas citizens’ lives that are affected and the coping skills used to overcome their challenges once they make the decision to walk away from Omelas after discovering the secret.

DO NOT write an essay, only list entries in outline format that should be included if you were to write a five paragraph essay. Bring handwritten assignment on 8.5×11 lined paper or print out copy before class… NOT on your computer or cellphone.

Divide outline into five sections as demonstrated below:

I. Introduction

II. First Body Paragraph

III. Second Body Paragraph

IV. Third Body Paragraph

V. Conclusion

I look forward to seeing you to tomorrow for our final class meeting.