Homeland Security and TSA

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After reviewing the layered security practice of the TSA, I believe that this process of layering is effective (Nemeth, 2017). The main idea behind this method is that the more checkpoints, or layers, there are, the higher the likelihood that a threat would be detected. It is important to remember that even though the security of layers that the TSA uses is public information, they are also using “unseen” resources that the public is not made aware of to keep transportation systems safe (Goudie, Weidner, & Markoff, 2017). Not only does this system keep individuals in transportation systems safe, but it also has decreased traveler screening and wait times at airports in the United States. The TSA recently released a video explaining the various layers of security that they use, and after doing so, TSA spokesperson Michael McCarthy noted that the video does not give away any secrets – there are no specifics about security procedures, and capabilities are not revealed by simply admitting that these layers exist, when that is already evident. I do not believe that the layers of security is an invincible plan, but I definitely believe that it is an effective plan.

Goudie, C., Weidner, R., & Markoff, B. (2017). TSA video reveals ‘layers of security’ at airports. ABC 7 Chicago. Retrieved from https://abc7chicago.com/travel/tsa-video-reveals-layers-of-security-at-airports/2276529/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Nemeth, C. P. (2017). Homeland security. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis Group.

In 200 words answer the following questions ( 100 words each question ):

Do you feel this process of layering is effective or ineffective and why?

If you feel it is effective ensure you indicate the strengths of this practice and if you feel it is ineffective identify what additional layers you would add or if you would change the practice entirely.