hobbit chapter 10, English homework help


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A hobbit is sited on
the barrels as they flow down the river out of the Mirkwood forest with one of
the dwarves inside. Bilbo turns and faces north to the Lonely Mountains where
he sets eyes upon their final destination. The river is however currently
taking them towards Lake Town (also known as Esgaroth. Mentioned in chapter
12). It’s a city inhabited by humans and locate along the Long lake which is
south of Lonely Mountain. They are helped ashore at Lake Town when boats row
out and cast ropes towards the floaters. Bilbo takes this opportunity to free
his friends from the barrels. Although they have all survived the ordeal, they
are cramped wet and hungry. One of the dwarves, Thorin, feeling confident about
himself advances into town to the town hall and publicly declares to the master
of the Lake Town that he, a descendant of the King under the mountain has
returned to claim his inheritance. The people of the town are filled with joy
because of the stories they have heard of how gold flowed down the river when
the king was in power before the reign of Smaug. Bilbo and all the dwarves are
treated like royalty and after a fortnight they are all strong and eager again.
Thorin feels that they should not wait any longer even though they have no idea
how to deal with the dragon and so he acquiresboats, horses and supplies they
would require from the master of Lake Town before heading up the river towards
Lonely Mountains.