history paper-6

Two-to-three pages Total word count: 600 words on one of the following topics to be submitted on the course Canvas site.

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Reading attached in file : Frederick the Great on Art of War.

The assigned readings by Frederick the Great concern four topics: composition of the army, marches on campaign, battle tactics, and strategy. For our Napoleon paper, we are going to focus on the role of the subordinate commander, especially in the movement of large bodies of men. Here we will focus on the role of the commanding general. Choose either tactics or strategy and focus your paper on that topic.

One of the difficulties in dealing with primary sources is figuring out what to do with them. The easiest way to begin is simply to ask yourself, what was important to author? When Frederick set out to instruct his officers on the basics of battle tactics or strategy, what did he emphasize and why?

For this paper, choose one of the topics, tactics or strategy, and briefly discuss Frederick’s priorities and concerns. What did he want his commanders to think about and be aware of when preparing for battle? When asked to outline the “general rules” that govern strategy, where does he begin and what does he emphasize?

Try to identify one or two key themes you want to stress in your paper. That’s your “argument.” Remember that as short as these documents are, you cannot talk about everything: make some thematic choices and have a reason for those choices (as in, these the central issues in this excerpt and this is why).

Citation method

For the purposes of this paper, you should use an abbreviated MLA reference method: (Frederick, 175).

For example, if paraphrasing a passage and you want to indicate the location, do it as follows:

According to Frederick, one of the advantages of the canton system was that recruits often knew each other. (Frederick, 75)

Or, if you cite the text:

One of the advantages of the canton system was that recruits often knew each. As a result, they “spur on competition and bravery, and relatives and friends not apt to abandon each other in battle.” (Frederick, 75)

Quoted material must be cited (that is, you must indicate the page number). Otherwise, you can usually dispense with a citation. You do not need a bibliography.