History help needed with a Webliograhy

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General Instructions

Write a 4-6 sentence description of a URL on the specified
topic.  Submit it to the appropriate drop
box AND post it to the Webliography
in the course.

Your Webliography assignments
should include
an introduction to
the site and a description, and/or evaluation, of it.
  Be specific. The key is that someone should
be able to read your entry and know whether this site is what they might be relevant
to their research. See the examples below for good descriptions.

Do not duplicate
It might be to your advantage to post early.  Otherwise one of your classmates may beat you
to the wonderful site you’ve discovered

How to Post

When you go to the Webliography tab and click on it, you’ll
see “add new entry,” on the left, just above the heading. When you click on it,
you’ll go to a page that will have fields for you to fill in. It will include
the title of the site, the category, the URL, the description, the site author,
and the date it was last modified.


Pennsylvania State Constitution of 1776. (2008)


The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 (ratified September 28, 1776)
has been described as the most democratic in America and was drafted by Robert
Whitehill, Timothy Matlack, Dr. Thomas Young, George Bryan, James Cannon, and Benjamin
Franklin. The Constitution provides for a unicameral legislature, a Supreme
Executive Council, a President elected by an Assembly and Council together, and
a Council of Censors. The constitution was later copied by revolutionaries of
Vermont as a basis for their constitution. This site is useful as it gives us
an insight into the debate over constitutional government that would culminate
in 1787.

Grading Criteria

  • The
    entry is from an academic or literary source with a reputable author that
    has the authority / training  to
    write on the subject. (15 points)
  • You
    have included a helpful description of at least 4-6 sentences that tells
    us what we’ll find on the site. (20 points)
  • Your
    description is grammatically and mechanically correct. (10 points)
  • The
    URL is correct. (5 points)
  • You
    have not duplicated an entry. (10 Points)
  • The
    URL is NOT from Wikipedia or
    other wiki or social media sites – That means your URL cannot be “open

Historical Essay

Substantially covered the Articles of Confederation

Substantially covered the Constitution

Compared the two documents in detail, giving historic

Compare the federalists and anti-federalists

Used at least 4 academic sources

Paper is formatted correctly in APA style and is organized
properly with an Introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

The sources are in correct APA format, and in proper
locations throughout the paper.

Grammatically correct without spelling errors.