History Essay Writing (Minimum 1000 words)

QUESTION: In 2016, the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced new designs for several dollar notes. There was, and is, debate about the appropriateness of Andrew Jackson’s image on the twenty-dollar bill. Some people argue that Jackson should remain on the twenty because of his military and political achievements, and other people think his image should be removed for a number of reasons, including his racist views and his actions as a military commander and later as president. Based on the assigned readings and particularly on Glorious Victory, should Jackson’s image remain front and center on the twenty-dollar bill or should his portrait be removed from the currency? Why?

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*You need to do some researches and understand the content about the book, Glorious Victory.

*1000 words minimum

*required to write including at least three citations:

*Essay organizations: 1. introduction(with a thesis statement). 2. body paragraphs 3. conclusions.