History Analysis Essay.


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I have an analysis paper for my Modern Middle East class..

Please make sure to cover all the points mentioned in the discerption below :)..

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Response paper assignment sheet

• Mark L. Haas & David W. Lesch. The Arab Spring: The Hope and Reality of the
Uprisings. Second Edition. London: Routledge 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0813349749.

This assignment asks you to read the book listed above. The text deals with a contemporary issue in the Middle East and your goal will be to
respond to some key ideas and themes in the text, and consider them in light of what
we have discussed and read throughout the term thus far.
Keep in mind that this is not a summary or book review – it is an analytical response
paper, and the goal is to address specific themes of the text in light of your own
understanding. This is not solely an opinion paper! I do want your personal responses
to the text, and that means your thoughts, yes, but I want these to be expressed
through well-reasoned arguments and supported with evidence from readings, lectures,
and from the text under review, as appropriate. A paper that shows no citations to
sources and does not support its arguments will not get you the best grade on the
assignment. You have been warned…
The closer you get to formatting suggested in the Chicago Manual Style, the happier
I will be – with one exception (title pages are a waste of paper!). If you want to make
me smile, take a glance at the citation guidelines you can find on-line, and at the brief
summary of points that I included on the course syllabus. Your paper need not be
overly long, but I leave that mostly to you. Let your argument determine length, not an arbitrary requirement.
I want to see two things: that you have read this book, and that you can analyse the
author’s arguments and connect them to this class.
The paper is worth 20% of your
grade and is due in class on the appropriate date listed on the syllabus (each of the five
papers has a different due date).